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William Bailey & Grace [?]

 First Generation

            1. William BAILEY was born about 1610 in England. He died before 1674 in Albermarl County, North Carolina. William married Grace [-?-] about 1640. Grace was born about 1617 in England. She died after 1677 in Rhode Island. Tradition says that William Bailey lived in London, England and was a weaver of silk ribbon; he settled at Newport, Rhode Island probably soon after its settlement; he bought land on 14 Jun 1655; he was called Sr., 5 Mar 1656. According to Austin, there is ground for belief that Joseph, Edward and Stephen Bailey were also sons of William but M. Johnson and I disagree.  We feel that they were the children of William Bailey Jr. and it was Wm. Jr. who married Grace Parsons although this is confusing since Wm. Sr.'s wife was also named Grace.


          "Among the earliest settlers in old Albemarle County, North Carolina, was William Bailey, who moved in the 1660's from Newport, Rhode Island to Berkeley Parish" now Perquimans County, North Carolina with his wife Grace.  The children are listed in the Berkeley Parish Register. Wm. and Abigail (Bailey) Charles probably came at the same time between 1662/3 and 1666[1].

, Grace-1735

Grace m. 2nd Thomas Lawton, about 1674 probably in Rhode Island, no issue.  She must have been back in Rhode Island with some of her children. Evidently Thomas and Grace did not get along because they were not living together and Thomas was ordered to pay support.  He stated in his will that she had not been a proper wife to him.


William and Grace had the following children:

+          2 F         i.  Abigail BAILEY was born about 1640 and died on 17 Mar 1687.

               3 M      ii.  John BAILEY was born about 1642. He died on 18 Jan 1736 in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. John evidently went back to Rhode Island because he is mentioned in the case regarding his mother and Thomas Lawton and her support.


                                  John lived in Newport and Portsmouth, Rhode Island and may have died in Newport. He may have married Sutton [-?-] (b.1655, d.13 Feb 1730) buried in the family burial ground in Middleton. He had at least nine children.  His birth date could have been 1653.  There is some confusion because there may have been another John Bailey living in Rhode Island at the same time.

               4 M     iii.  William BAILEY was born about 1645. He died before 20 Jul 1670 in Newport, Rhode Island. William was from Little Compton, Rhode Island. William married Grace Parsons daughter of Hugh (d.1684) and Elizabeth (died after 1684) Parsons of Portsmouth, Rhode Island.  They had a son


                                  named Hugh.  William and Grace must have both died before her father because he did not mention either one in his will, his grandson Hugh was his heir.  Hugh Parsons was also the guardian of Hugh Bailey and took charge of his estate in 1670[2].

               5 M      iv.  Samuel BAILEY was born about 1647. Samuel may have returned to Rhode Island with his mother because there was a Samuel Bailey married Elizabeth Rogers daughter of Thomas and Sarah Rogers and lived in Newport.

               6 M       v.  Experience BAILEY was born about 1649. I wonder if Experience received his name because at the time of his birth they made the trip to the colonies and he born along the way.

               7 F       vi.  Jane BAILEY was born about 1651.

               8 F       vii.  Sarah BAILEY was born about 1653.

               9 F      viii.  Marcy BAILEY was born about 1660. She died on 23 Feb 1691/2 in Perquimans County, North Carolina. It is pretty certain that Marcy “daughter of Grace Bailey of Rhode Island in New England” was the wife of John Stepney, who also came to North Carolina. Because Jane/Jean Charles (daughter of William and Abigail Charles) mentions her Aunt Mary Stepney in her will.  John Stepney was the son of “John & Bennett? Stepney of London, Ould England”, he was probably a Joiner. They were married in 1681 in Berkely Parish, North Carolina[3].

Children: John b.c1682, d.23 Feb 1691/2[4] Elizabeth b.20 Oct 1684[5], d.3 Mar 1694, Bennett b.1686, William b.1688/9, Samuel b.1690/1, d.3 Sep 1692, Jane b.Aug 1693[6], John b.1696, George b.1698/9, Elizabeth b.1702, and Samuel b.1704, drowned 3 Sep 1692 in Perquimans[7]. You will note there were two Johns, Elizabeths and Samuels.  I would guess the first ones died young.

     "Albemarl Book of Warrants & Surveys, 1681-1706" page 2 - dated 1694- Perquimans Precinct: - John Stepney proved the transportation of eleven persons:  John Stepney, & Marcy Stepney, Grace Baley, John Bayley, William Bayley Jur., Saml. Bayley, Exper(ience) Bayley, Jane

Bayley, Sarah Bayley, Mercy Bayley. These and three more assigned to ---, on---. The missing name is William Baily (Sr.) as proven on page 140 - To survey for Jno. Stepney, 300 acres for transportation of Jno. Stepney, Mercy Stepney, William Baly, Grace Baly, Jno. Baly, William

Baly Jur. 1695-Surveyed for Mr. Jno Stepney, 293 acres. 1696 - 293 acres on Yawpim Creek, Perquimans Precinct, granted to Capt. Jno. Stepney, for transportation of Jno. Stepney, Mercy Stepney, William,



 Grace, Jno. Baly, William Baly Junr. (this is not unusual because often other people will use the same people when applying for their warrants. Marcy/Mercy Bailey is also mentioned as Marcy Stepney.)


John Stepney was Register of Deeds for Perquimans Co. for many years, during some of which he was Clerk of Court. (research by Raymond Winslow on the Toms family that appeared in the North Carolina Historical and Genealogical Journal, Vol. SSV, NO. 3, Aug. 1999, pg. 262)


[1]  Bailey Genealogy compiled by William Perry Johnson, published in the "North Carolina Genealogy" Spring 1967, Mr. Johnson was a well known Genealogist of North Carolina.

[2] 2 Family History Library, Ancestral File, familysearch.org; Immigrants to America before 1750, Edited by Frederick A. Virkus.  Hathaway, J. R. B., The North Carolina Historical and Genealogical Register, Edenton, N.C, hereafter called Hathaway’s Register, Vol., Vol. 3, No. 2; 201, 212, 219.

[4]   Hathaway's Vol. 3, No. 3; 364

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[7]   Notes of Webster Parry’s collection: abstracts of Quaker records, 1671-1917, FHL #0367990 from court minutes


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