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William BOGUE and Jane Clare?


First Generation


1. William BOGUE was born about 1640 in Scotland. He died on 5 Apr 1687 probably in Perquimans County, North Carolina. William married about 1664 probably in Scotland, Jane possibly CLARE, the posible daughter of William CLARE. She died after Sep 1701 in Perquimans. (SEE CLARE FAMILY). She married 1st John Moore, 3rd Richard Byer and 4th William Newby.

"It is believed the family lived in or near Auchencraw, Scotland and were of French extraction. The name Bogue means "The Bow", and those living in Scotland during the reigns of Scottish Kings Duncan, Malcolm III, Canmore, and David I, were probably archers." Variant spellings: Boog, Boeg, Boege, Boag, Boge, Boage, Booge and Bogue In Sweden and Ireland the name is Boge and in Normandy it is Bogue. It is derived from an ancient Teutonic personal name of Bogue. "Fort Macon , protecting Beaufort, North Carolina was located on the easterly point of "Bogue Banks". Early land maps, as well as those of today, name the body of water lying between the mainland and "Bogue Banks", "Bogue Sound" [1].

It is not known when the Bogues arrived in America. A William Bogue was part of a court proceedings in Virginia in 1671 and 1672. Jane Byer received land for transporting several persons to North Carolina in April 1696.

 Jane and John Moore had the following children:

1 M i. William MOORE was born about 1662, possibly in Scotland. On the 2nd day of the 8th month 1697. Timothy Cleare and William Bogue were appointed "to Enquire to see William Moor be clear from all other women to marry Elizabeth Mackbride". William married Elizabeth 10 9mo (Nov) 1697, with her mother’s permission. She was the daughter of John and Margaret MacBride[2]. I assume William Bogue was the half brother of William Moor/Moore.

 William and Jane Bogue had the following children[3]:

 2 M i. Robert BOGUE was born about 1665 probably in Scotland. Nothing more is known about him.

 3 M ii. William BOGUE was born about 1667 probably in Scotland. He married[4] 5 6mo (Aug) 1689 at a meeting at Jonathan Plelps’ old plantation in Perquimans County, North Carolina, Ellender Perisho. She was born 18 Sep 1673, the daughter of James and Hannah (Hill) Perisho[5]. He died[6] about 1720/1721 in Perquimans. His will dated 20 Dec 1720, proved 11 Apr 1721 mentions sons: William, Josiah, Daughters: Elizabeth Hill, Jean, Myriam, and Rachel Boge, Wife: Ellender, Grandson: William Hill, Exec. William Boge (son), Jacob Hill (son-in-law). Wit: Benjamin Mundy and John Moor. William, in his will, gave land for a Quaker meeting house in Perquimans[7].

 At the Apr court 1698, William was appointed constable from the narrows of Piquemons (sic) to Suttens Creek, and to Mr. Lakars Creek on the west side[8].

Children of William Bogue and Ellender Perisho: 

1. Hannah b.26 Dec 1690 or 1691[9], Berkeley (Perquimans Precinct), North Carolina, probably died young, not mentioned in her fathers will 

2. William b.8 Dec 1696 d.1744, Perquimans married[10] Sarah Duke 15 Feb 1727/8, Chuckatuck Monthly Meeting, Nansemond County, Virginia. She was the daughter of Thomas Duke, who died before her marriage. They had William, Sarah, Josiah, Job, Margaret, Christian and Duke 

3. Ellener b.26 Feb 1701/2, Perquimans, not mentioned in her fathers will  

4. Robert b.1703, Perquimans, d.1788, Jones County, North Carolina. He married (itm)[11] Rachel Pearson 4 8mo (Oct) 1738. Rachel b.16 Nov 1716, was the daughter of Peter and Rachel Pearson. He married 2nd Miriam Pearson. They had Lydia, Mark, William, Josiah, Jesse, Rhoda and Job 

5. Josiah b.21 Mar 1705, Perquimans, d.1752. He married Deborah Nicholson daughter of Christopher and Mary (Pool) Nicholson. Deborah married 2nd Benjamin Heaton 3 Mar 1756. Josiah and Deborah had Joseph, Jesse, Job, Mary, Miriam and Lydia 

6. Elizabeth b.17 Oct 1710, Perquimans married Jacob Hill and they had William, Jacob and Miriam 

7. Jean or Jane was born in Perquimans 

8. Miriam b.11 Mar 1716, Perquimans married (itm)[12] Gideon Bundy 3 8mo (Oct) 1739 the son of Samuel and Ann (Nicholson) Bundy 

9. Rachel married John Moore about 1740, he was the son of William and Elizabeth (MacBride) Moore and they had Charles and Mary. They were half 1st cousins. 

4 F iii. Margaret BOGUE was born about 1669 probably in Scotland. She married[13] 1st William LAWRENCE on 7 Jan 1689 in Perquimans County, North Carolina. William was born on 20 Jul 1661probably in Scotland. He died[14] on 13 Aug 1694[15] in Albemarle County, North Carolina. Albemarle was the mother county of Perquimans, Pasquotank, Chowan, and Currituck Counties. William was the son of William and Rachel (Welsh) Larance (sic). His will dated 5 Jul 1694, probated August Court 1694, Albemarle County, mentions daughters: Jane and Rachel Lawrence; wife: Margaret Lawrence; cousins: Rachel Snelling and Wm. Lawrence, Exec. Israel Snelling and John Lawrence; Wit: Francis Jones, Jr., Christopher Lacy, Lawrence Hunt. Margaret married[16] 2nd Francis TOMS, son of Francis TOMS and Prishilla, on 8 4mo (Jun) 1696 in Perquimans. Francis was born[17] on 19 Sep 1672 in Perquimans, he died4 on 12 Sep 1729 in Perquimans. Frances and Margaret Bogue Lawrence were married "at a meeting At the sd. Lawrances". Margaret died2 between 1 Oct 1720 when she witnessed a marriage[18] at Perquimans Monthly Meeting, and 5 4th mo (Jun) 1722, when her husband married Rebekah Pierce[19] Presumably she died at least 9 months prior to her husband’s 2nd marriage if they followed Quaker custom regarding waiting period between marriages. (SEE TOMS FAMILY)

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