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William Bundy and Elizabeth Allen


First Generation



1. William BUNDY was born about 1630 in England. He died on 27 Mar 1692 in Perquimans County, North Carolina. William married 1st Elizabeth ALLEN before 1662 in England. Elizabeth was born about 1640 in England. She died on 4 Mar 1676 in Perquimans. (her birth place and last name are not proven). William married[1] 2nd Mary (Scott) Pearre 15 10th mo (Dec) 1683, the daughter of Joseph and Mary Scott and widow of John Pearre/Pearce.


The first mention of William in Perquimans County, North Carolina was about 1663 when he received land.


Mary’s first husband was John Pearre/Pierce and their daughter Rebekah was the 2nd wife of Francis Tomes.  Mary married Nicholas Simmons 30 Jun 1692[2]. This is sooner that most marriages after the death of a spouse, but women did marry quickly in those days for protection and care. Mary Simons’ will[3] dated 19 Sept 1722, proved 14 Jul 1724, mentions granddaughter Sarah Pierce, grandchildren John, Thomas, Sarah, and Joseph Pearce, granddaughter Mary Jones, granddaughters Sarah Pettit and Mary Smith, grandson Isaiah Smith, son Thomas Pierce, daughters Rebecca Toms and Sarah Pettit.


William and Elizabeth may have had a daughter, Hannah, who married John Larance in 1692. She is shown as their daughter in One Ladd's Family by Ruth Kline Ladd.


William and Elizabeth Bundy had the following children:

               2 F  i.   Mary BUNDY was born in 1662/1663 in Rhode Island or Massachusetts. She died on 30 Dec 1694 in Perquimans County, North Carolina. Mary married Timothy CLARE, son of William CLARE and ? CORY, on 7 Jun 1685 in Perquimans. (SEE CLARE FAMILY) She is named as the daughter of William Bundy who received land in Perquimans County in 1663/4 in her name. Mary's marriage bond also names William Bundy as her father[4].

               3 M ii.   William BUNDY was born about 1664 in Perquimans County, North Carolina. William was called brother-in-law in the will of Timothy Clare.

               4 M   iii.   Caleb BUNDY was born about 1666 in Perquimans County, North Carolina. He died in 1721 in Pasquotank County, North Carolina. Caleb married[5] Jeane Maners 24 5th mo (Jul) 1690 at the house of Henry White, Pasquotank Monthly Meeting in Albemarle County, North Carolina (Perquimans and Pasquotank Counties were later carved from Albemarle County, which no longer exists).  Jeane/Jane (d.23 Nov 1719) may have been the daughter of Perigrene Maners/Marres of Albamarle County. Caleb's will dated 25 Apr 1721, was proved 19 Feb 1721/2[6].


Caleb and Jane were both illiterate, they signed their marriage certificate with their marks Caleb-C B and Jane-X. They had the following children: 

1. John married Elizabeth Keaton daughter of Henry Keaton 16 May 1716

2.Benjamin Bundy, d.13 Aug 1723, married Hannah Clare daughter of Timothy and Hester (Lawrence) Clare

3. Samuel d.Oct 1750, married 8 Jun 1731, Perquimans, Jane Moore d.4 Aug 1742, daughter of William and Elizabeth (MacBride) Moore

4. William d.9 Feb 1721, married 19 Nov 1729 Ann Keaton daughter of Henry Keaton, and Ann married Thomas Symons 7 Mar 1724

5. Mary d.10 May 1721

6. Caleb died probably before his father's death in 1721.


There must have been an epidemic in 1721, with all the deaths that year, if the death dates are correct. They are mostly from The Descendants of William and Elizabeth Bundy of Rhode Island and North Carolina by V. Mayo Bundy, (published by Herb Eaton Historical Publications, Charlotte, North Carolina), pgs 1-4; Journal of North Carolina Genealogical Society, Vol. XI, No. 2 Summer 1965.

               5 M   iv.   Samuel BUNDY was born[7] on 4 Feb 1676/1677 in Perquimans County, North Carolina. He married 5 Oct 1696 at the house of Henry White in Perquimans[8] Tamer Symons (b.4 Oct 1680) daughter of Jeremiah Symons.


The Bundys lived on the edge of Pasquotank County and some of them in Perquimans County. They were identified as much with one county as the other.


William and Mary Bundy had the following children:

               6 F v.   Sarah BUNDY was born on 23 Jan 1685 in Perquimans County, North Carolina. Sarah Bundy married[9] Francis Pettitt of Chowan County, North Carolina 2 Jan 1711/2, and had a daughter named Sarah Pettit,.She was disowned for marrying out of unity[10].


The entry reads:

"Perquimans, 2 11m 1711/2...whare as Sarah Bundy the daughterof William and Mary Bundy hath Contrary to the Councell of her mother and her Relations and friends Joyned her selfe in maridge to a man that is of another Profession in Religon Contrary to the good order Astablished... She is not in unity with us..."




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