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Lancaster Lovett was born Abt. 1609186, and died Bef. May 1673 in Norfolk, VA. He married Bathsheba.

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Source: Abstract of Norfolk County Wills {SA Library}

LANCASTER LOVETT of Linhaven in Lower Norfolk County in Virginia...
Book E. f. 14-. dated 17 Oct 1672 Proved 15 Apr 1673

...my body to be decently interred according to ye manner & custome of ye Church of England...
,,,unto my sonne LANCASTER LOVETT 300 acres of land being ye plantation whereon I now live from ye Iland point to ye lyne of marked trees next to ye land of Rich. Poole...
...unto my loving wife ANN LOVETT...
...unto my sonne JNO. LOVETT 300 acres of land next adjoining my sonnne LANCASTER...next JNO. MARTON, dec'd...next Rich. Pool...
...unto my son THOMAS LOVETT 200 acres... adjoyning my son JNO. LOVETTs...next Rich Poole...next Martin...mext Malachy Thurston...
...unto my son RANDOLPH LOVETT 300 acres of land lying and being at Linhaven...between ye land now in possession of George Minchin & Rich Bonny ... if he dye under age...
...give all my stock of Cattle...att ye Easterne Shore wch now are att and use ye plantation wch THOMAS LAMBERT now lives on...unto my 2 daughters MARY & Elizabeth LOVETT...
...to my sonne RANDOLPH LOVETT...cattle...att...plantation of Ben Burrows
...Son LANCASTER LOVETT & wife ANN LOVETT sole exors, until ye rest of my aforesd Children shall bee att age, my sonns of 21 years and my daughters 16 years...
...unto BETHSHEBA my daughter now wife to JOHN LADD....

witnesses: Thomas Bridge, aged 57 or thereabouts, proved, Adam Keeling, Mala Thruston
Sighed Lancaster Lovett & Seale

CODICIL. dated 19 March 1673. witnesses Rich Poole & Jno Corbett. Signed Lancaster Lovett & Seale


Source: http://www.vbgov.com/dept/library/docs/beachappendi.html


In 1673 James Wishart purchased property from William Richerson, who had previously acquired it from Adam Thorowgood (II). When James Wishart died in 1679/80, he left his plantation in Little Creek to his son William. Another son, James, inherited the property on which he, James, was residing. Two additional sons, Thomas and John, and two daughters, Joyce and Frances, were also mentioned in his will.21 Thomas Wishard (Wishart), the youngest son of James (I), married Mary, daughter of James Kemp. James Kemp had married Ann, the widow of Lancaster Lovett (a church warden in Lynnhaven in 1650 and first of four generations of Lancaster Lovetts). The Kemp family established itself at the head of the Eastern Branch of the Elizabeth River, which soon became known as Kempe's (or Kemp's) Landing, now called Kempsville.22

Lovett Family of Princess Anne County, Virginia
by John Harvey Creesy
Lancaster Lovett, living Norfork Co. 6 Feb. 1638. Had wife Bathsheba 20 Aug. 1645. Church Warden 15 Nov. 1650. Will 16(?), Oct. 1672 proved May 1673. His wd. Ann adm. 2nd James Kemp, 3rd Jacob Johnson. Her will 14 July 1716, mentioned son Randolph Lovit.


Bethsheba Lovett wf. John Ladd. Note: Bathsheba born before 1629 if she was 16 years old in 1645.

15 August 1645 - The difference in controversie betweene Mrs. Gookins Pltf: and Lancaster Lovett deft: concerning Bathsheba the wyfe of the said Lanc: Lovett at the request of Mrs. Gookin is referred to the next Court to be heard and determined .... for as much as it appears that Bathsheba the wyfe of Lanc: Lovett hath much misdemeaned herself towards Mrs. Gookins her Mistress and the Court taking due recognixance thereof doe order that the said Bathsheba shoud aske the said Mrs. Gookins forgiveness in open Court upon her Knees and if it shall appeare that the said Bathsheba shall hereafter misbehave herself in an uncivill or undecent manner worthy of punishment then she the said Bathsheba shall receive 20 lashes on her bare back after she is delivered of her child she nowe goeth withall and pay the Court charges. (A f 21a p 264)

Note: We have found that Mrs Gookin was of the upper crust and that she and a Mr. Mathewe Phillips were ordered to bring in and give full account ..... at next court of such estates belonging unto the children & Orphants, in theire Custody and protecion. from: records of Quarte Court in James City - 1646/47.

Source: http://www.lovitt-genealogy.com/~lovitt/descend/deslanlov.html

Some Descendants of
Lancaster Lovett of Norfolk, VA
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Chester R. Johnson, P.O. Box 582, Hurst, TX 66053-0582

(and THANKS, Chester!) Since then, the material has been added to and updated. Please contact Chester if you have further questions concerning the generations from Richard Lovett/Mary Freeman, which he has researched.

Also see Notes on John Ladd of Early VA, his wife Bathsheba & Her father, Lancaster Lovett, which was contributed by Charles Ladd

1. Lancaster Lovett born before 1618, married (1) Bathsheba, born before 1629, died ca 1650/1, VA, married (2) Ann, died 1716, VA. Lancaster died before May 1673, Norfolk, VA. His will was proved 15 Apr 1673/4, per Genus of the Lovett Family by Alice C. Walter. A deed 8 Aug 1693 from Randolph Lovett to Robert Cartwright names brothers Lancaster, John (now deceased) and Thomas; father Lancaster.

1.1. Bathsheba Lovett (daughter of Lancaster Lovett and Bathsheba) born about 1645/46, Norfolk, VA, married (1) before 1666, in VA,5 William Baniard, died by 1666, VA,5 married (2) before 1672, in VA, John Ladd, died before 2 Aug 1680, Norfolk, VA. Bathsheba died about 1673, Norfolk, VA. John Ladd was the father of four children, but I do not know the mother of any of them at this time. Elizabeth, Amos - under 17 in 1679, Sarah - under 16 in 1679, and Racell - under 16 in 1679

1.2. Lancaster Lovett (son of Lancaster Lovett and Bathsheba) born before 1651, probably VA,5 married Mary Carraway, born ca 16??, (daughter of John Carraway and Ann) died before 1 May 1706, Norfolk Co, VA. Lancaster died by 3 Mar 1702/3, Norfolk Co, VA. His will was dated 25 Oct 1700, probated 3 Mar 1702/3. He mentions sons Lancaster, Thomas, Adam, William and John; daughters Sarah and Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Keeling. His wife Mary was to be ex. Her will was dated 1 Dec 1705; probated 1 May 1706. She mentions sons Lancaster, Thomas, Adam, John, & William; daughters Elizabeth Keeling, wife of Thomas, Sarah Richason wife of Thomas; grandchildren Mary & Thomas Keeling, William's son William and daughter Mary; granddaughter Ann Kemp

Children of Lancaster Lovett and Bathsheba are:

  1. +Lancaster Lovett, b. Bef. 1651, VA, d. Aft. October 1700.