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The Descendants of

John PEARSON and Elizabeth [-?-]


First Generation


1. John PEARSON was born about 1610 in Dean Parish, Ullock, Cumberland, England. He died in 1650 in Dean Parish and was buried at St. Oswald's, Ullock. John married Elisabeth [-?-] about 1634 in England. Elisabeth was born about 1616. She died in Oct 1678 in Cumberland.


John Pearson, farmer of Dean Parish, Ullock, Cumberland, England, was by 1641 Church Warden and Overseer of the nearly 800 year old St. Oswald's Parish, where his ancestors had worshipped since at least 1580.  He made a will in 1649 and died in 1650.[1]


I would assume that Elisabeth was also buried at the St. Oswald's. She left a will naming her children[2].


John and Elisabeth had the following children:

            2 M   i.   Christopher PEARSON was born about 1635 in Cumberland, England and died in Apr 1711.

               3 F ii.   Isabella PEARSON was born about 1637 in Cumberland, England. She married ? Oyes.

               4 F iii.  Dorothy PEARSON was born about 1639 in Cumberland, England. Dorothy became a Quaker about 1653.




Second Generation



2. Christopher PEARSON (John) was born about 1635 in Ullock, Cumberland, England. He died in Apr 1711 in Ullock and was buried on 19 Apr 1711 in Pardshaw Cragg Meeting Cemetery, Ullock. Christopher married Elinor FEARON, daughter of George FEARON, on 9 Aug 1670 in Cumberland. Elinor was born about 1650 in England. She died in May 1714 in Ullock, and was buried on 2 May 1714 in Pardshaw Cragg.


Pardshaw Cragg is a limestone formation to the north of Ullock, where the Quakers held outdoor services until they built a Meeting House. Christopher was educated in the Parish School, evidently paid for by his grandfather. Christopher, his family and sister Dorothy became Quakers when George Fox preached in Cumberland in 1653, the same year the first Meeting House was erected at Pardshaw. Christopher married in a Quaker ceremony, 9 6mo (Aug) 1670, at the home of Richard Faucett, about 2-1/2 miles north of Pardshaw Cragg.


The headstone of George Fearon dated 1687 is the oldest standing stone at St. Oswald's.  His will, made in 1685, leaves a bequest to his son-in-law Christopher Pearson[3].


Christopher and Elinor Pearson had the following children[4]:

               5 F    i. Mary PEARSON was born on 19 Feb 1671/1672 in Ullock, Cumberland, England. She married John Gill of Eaglesfield 7 9mo (Nov) 1695.

               6 F   ii. Sarah PEARSON was born on 29 Nov 1673 in Ullock, Cumberland, England. She died on 30 Jan 1688/1689 in Ullock.

               7 M  iii. John PEARSON was born on 23 Apr 1677 in Ullock, Cumberland, England. He died on 13 May 1728 in Cumberland. He married Mary [-?-].  His descendants continue to live in Cumberland.

            8 M   iv. Peter PEARSON was born on 21 Feb 1679/1680 and died on 15 Mar 1735.



Third Generation



8. Peter PEARSON (Christopher, John) was born on 21 Feb 1679/1680 in Dean Parish, Ullock, Cumberland, England. He died on 15 Mar 1735 in Perquimans County, North Carolina. Peter married Rachel [-?-] about 1710. Rachel was born about 1690 in Perquimans County, She died in 1750 in Perquimans[5].


Peter emigrated from Cumberland, England to Virginia about 1700. He was a shoemaker and his will was probated 21 Apr 1735.  Rachel may be Rachel Newby, daughter of Nathan and Elisabeth (Hollowell) Newby. According to James Bellarts there is no evidence in Quaker records checked by him or in a Newby Genealogy, privately commissioned by the late Nancy Esther (Hutchins) Hineman, compiled by the late William Perry Johnson, to indicate this is true, although in Peter Pearson's will he calls Nathan Newby, brother. Another factor is that they named children Nathan and Elisabeth (Betty). A search of original deeds might shed more light on the problem.


Peter Pearson produced a certificate dated 25 7mo (Sep) 1707, from Pardshaw Cragg Monthly Meeting in Cumberland, England, at Chuckatuck Monthly Meeting also known as Nansemond Monthly Meeting in Virginia[6], which reads:  "Peter Pearson, the bearer thereof, who hath in mind to remove to America, is descended from honest parents, who hath been serviceable among us, and we are loath to part with him, who hath been of blameless conversation". At that time "conversation" referred to ones entire conduct, and "honest" meant of good repute, respectable, decent.


On 12 Aug 1716, Peter Pearson of Nansemond County Virginia was assigned 50 acres of land by Thomas Bagley of Perquimans for 3 pounds. It was part of a tract adjoining John Burkehead on "Burnt Pocoson" granted to Thomas Bagley by the Lord Proprietors[7].


On 8 6mo (Aug) 1723, Gabriel Newby, wheelwright - "doth assign" 324 acres to Peter Pearson, shoemaker for 40 pounds on the N.E. side of the river on lines of Peter Gray and Francis Wells, from a patent dated 20 Nov 1720 for 374 acres[8].


On 9 Jan 17___(27), Peter bought 10 acres of land for $5 from John Henby on Peter Grays line[9].


Peter Pearson, in his will, mentions "my seven children" sons: Jonathan, Nathan, Peter, John; daughters: Rachel, Mary and Bailey (probably Betty), while Rachel Pearson in her will of 1750 names "my six children", Nathan Pearson having predeceased her. Bailey Pearson is nowhere named, giving rise to the possibility that his name was copied incorrectly and should be "Betty"[10].


Rachel's will dated 25 Jun 1750 proved Jan 1750/1 mentions sons: Peter, John and Jonathan Pearson. Daughters: Rachel Bogue, Mary Winslow, Betty Bagley. Executors: John Winslow and Robert Bogue (sons-in-law) Witnesses: Joshua Hobart, Arthur Croxen, John Moore. Clerk of Court: Edmund Hatch.


Peter and Rachel Pearson had the following children[11]:

           9 M      i.   Peter PEARSON was born[12] on 19 Aug 1711 in Virginia. He died before 1796 in Nansemond County, Virginia. Peter married 1st Rachel Bogue and 2nd Mary Newby 10 Mar 1746. Peter was reported married out of society, 7 Jan 1746/7[13]. Peter and his family moved to Wayne County, then to Guilford County, North Carolina and then again to the Northwest.  Children: 1. Jonathan; 2. Nathan married Rebeckay Nicholson, widow of Joseph 26 12mo (Dec) 1773, Perquimans Meeting House near Little River Bridge, he married 2nd Mary Bailey 3 7th mo (Jul) 1796 at Back Creek Monthly Meeting[14]; 3. Peter;  4. Rachel married Samuel Newby son of Samuel and Elizabeth (Albertson) Newby of Pasquotank Monthly Meeting; 5. Sarah married Joseph Lacey 9th mo (Sep) 1757, she is not mentioned in father's will; 6. Mary married Enoch Jessop 4th mo (Apr) 1765, 2nd John Moor 6 12th mo (Dec) 1769; 7. Ruth married Robert Wilson 12mo (Dec) 1770, she is called Ruth Boyer in father's will; 8. Elizabeth.


Peter's will dated 1779 mentions wife, Mary; grandchildren Nathan, Peter and Josiah Lacey; sons: Nathan, William, Jonathan, Peter, and Christopher; daughters: Mary Moore, Ruth Boyer, and Rachel Newby[15].

             10 M ii.   John PEARSON was born on 22 9th mo (Nov) 1714 in Perquimans County, North Carolina. He died before 7 Jun 1760 in Perquimans. John announced his intentions to marry Elisabeth Croxton 3 11mo (Jan) 1738/9[16], the daughter of Arthur Croxton. In Apr 1766 Peter Pearson, John's brother petitioned the court to appoint guardians for John and Elisabeth's children, Joseph, Sarah and Eleazer. Evidently the other children, William, Lawrence and Enoch were already of age. Elizabeth either died or remarried.  When a woman remarried in those days a guardian should have been appointed for the children to protect their inheritance from their step-father.

            11 F   iii.  Rachel PEARSON was born[17] on 16 11th mo (Jan) 1716/1717 in Perquimans County, North Carolina. She announced her intention to marry[18] Robert BOGUE 4 8th mo (Oct) 1738, possibly the son of Lydia, in Perquimans. Robert was born in 1703 in Perquimans, he died in 1788 in Jones County, North Carolina. Robert married 2nd Miriam Pearson.

             12 M  iv. Nathan PEARSON was born on 6 Feb 1718 in Perquimans County, North Carolina. Nathan probably died between 1735 and 1750 because he is mentioned in his father's will, but not his mother's will.

            13 F    v.  Mary Ann PEARSON was born on 20 11th mo (Jan) 1720/1721 in Perquimans County, North Carolina. She died on 13 Mar 1773 in Pasquotank County, North Carolina. Mary married on 20 Nov 1740 at the Meeting House near Leavin Bufkins in Nansemond County, Virginia, John WINSLOW, son of Thomas WINSLOW and Elisabeth CLARE. John was born on 9 Feb 1717/1718 in Perquimans. He died on 17 Apr 1754 in Pasquotank.  (SEE WINSLOW FAMILY BOOK) Mary married 2nd 1 Jun 1755, Symons Creek, Pasquotank, Joshua Morris (Moore) (Joshua b.6 Jun 1726, d.14 Feb 1777[19]), was the son of Aaron and Mary Morris.  Mary was his 3rd wife. Their children were Nathan b.11 Jan 1757, Jonathan b.7 Jul 1759, and Zachariah b.17 Sep 1761. Johsua Morris had married 1st Hannah Anderson daughter of John; 2nd Hulda Newby; 4th Rebecah Symons[20].


John Winslow does not mention Ruth and John in his will, dated 17 Apr 1754, proved Jul 1754, Perquimans. John was a slave owner as were many of the early residents of North Carolina.  John is probably the nephew of John Winslow who married Ester Snelling.  

             14 M  vi. Jonathan PEARSON was born on 10 11th mo (Jan) 1721/1722 in Perquimans County, North Carolina. He died on 22 Apr 1784 in Wayne County, North Carolina. He announced his intentions to marry Rebecca Elliot 6 Nov 1745, Perquimans. He was reported married 2nd to Sarah (Bogue) Bundy, widow of Joseph, 2 Jan 1766, Pasquotank County, North Carolina[21]. His children were: 1. daughter who married ? Peacock; 2. daughter who married ? Coley; 3. Rhoda b.Apr 1750, d.24 Jan 1833, Clinton County, Ohio married Reuben Peele, son of Josiah, 11th mo (Nov) 1778; 4. Mark married Elizabeth Lamb daughter of William and Miriam (Newby) Lamb, moved to Ohio; 5. Ichabod married Miriam Lamb daughter of William and Miriam (Newby) Lamb; 6. Elizabeth b.15 7th mo (Jul) 1767, d.22 5th mo (May) 1839, Henry County, Indiana married Richard Ratliff 22 2mo (Feb) 1784, Wayne County, North Carolina; 7. Nathan b.28 Oct 1770, d.13 Nov 1845, Henry County, Indiana married Hulda Lamb daughter of Jacob and Sarah Lamb 12 Jun 1807, Randolph County, North Carolina; 8. Jonathan married Sarah Peele, Contentinea Monthly Meeting, Wayne County, North Carolina; 9. Sarah d.7 Aug 1788, Randolph County, North Carolina married Exum Elliott son of Jacob and Zilpha Elliott 19 Mar 1788.


                                  In a deed[22] Jonathan sold 2 acres for 40 pounds to Joshua Bagley that fell to him from Wm. Phelps, “but to Mary Bagley for her natural life”. There must have been some family connection to William Phelps.  

     15 F        vii.   Elisabeth PEARSON was born[23] 16 4th mo (Jun) about 1724 in Perquimans County, North Carolina. Elisabeth "Betty" announced her intentions to marry[24] William Bagley 1 5th mo (Jul) 1747, Perquimans. She may have been called Baily (possibly a transcription error) in her father's will, but is called Betty in her mother's will.




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