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         1. Richard SIMCOCK was born about 1590. He died about 1647 in Chester, Cheshire, England. Elizabeth (below) was most likely his daughter. Richard Simcock of Burton in the parish of Tarvin. In Richard's will[1] he names daughter Elisabeth, wife of Thomas Maddocke.


He had the following children:

               2 F  i.   Elisabeth SIMCOCK was born on 15 Dec 1620 in Middlewich, Cheshire, England and was christened on 30 Mar 1623 in Tarvin, Cheshire. She died on 10 Apr 1685 in Chester, Cheshire and was buried at St. John's Parish, Cheshire. Elisabeth married Thomas MADDOCK, son of John MADDOCK, on 24 Jun 1641 in St. John’s, Chester, Cheshire. Thomas was born on 30 Mar 1619 in Chester and died about 1690 in Chester. Alice (Nicholls) Maddock, daughter-in-law of Thomas mentions sister-in-law Sarah Maddocke, and brother-in-law Joseph Madock. This Joseph Maddock of Chester also appears in the Cheshire Friend's records, where several children are recorded for he and his wife, Amy. (I don't know who did this research or I would give them credit for it). (SEE MADDOCK FAMILY)




[1] Consistory Court of the Bishop of Chester, 1647


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