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Descendants of George Thatcher

First Generation


1. Richard THATCHER was born about 1640. He died[1] in 1722 in Thornbury, Chester County[2]. Richard married Jeanne/Jane STEVENS, daughter of John STEVENS, on 24 Apr 1667 at Redding MM, Berkshire, England. Jeanne/Jane was born about 1642. Jean may have been born near Uffington, Berkshire England Richard  may have also been born near Uffington[3]. Richard may have been the son of Richard Thatcher, born about 1620 in Uffington and who may have died in 1697, Bucks County, Pennsylvania


Entry: Page 8 In the County of Chester “... William Brinton Juner of Brummingham in the County aforesaid and Jane Thatcher Junr of ye Township and County ... 9, 10m, 1690 ... in a meeting held at Brummingham in ye County aforesaid ... witnesses Richard Thacher, William Brinton, Jonathan Thatcher, Peter Dix, Isaac Few” Richard was chosen Constable in Burmingham in March 1687/88[4]. There is a Richard Thatcher on the Kennet Taxables in 1753[5].


Richard, his wife and several children, came from England about 1684 or 1685. They might have migrated from Uffington in Berkshire, where Richard had suffered persecution because he was a Quaker. They arrived two or three years after the first visit of William Penn. He settled in Thornbury, adjoining the land of William Brinton the colonist, whose only son, William, married Richard’s daughter, Jean. Richard’s son Jonathan married Hannah Dix[6].


Richard and Jeanne/Jane had the following children:

+          2 M        i.  Jonathan THATCHER was born on 16 Feb 1667/1668.

               3 F        ii.  Jane THATCHER was born[7] on 17 Feb 1755/1756 in Chester County, Pennsylvania. Jean/Jane may have been born in Uffington, Berkshire England. Jane married William Brinton, Jr. b.abt 1667, on 9 Dec 1690 in Chester County. William died in 1751, he was buried 17 Aug 1751 at Birmingham Meeting.

                                  Children:1. Joseph b.30 Jan 1692/3, buried 18 Dec 1751, m. 6 Dec 1711 to Mary Peirce, he m. 2nd 14 Apr 1748 to Mary Elgar.

2. William b.25 Aug 1694, d.Mar 1761,  m. 26 Apr 1716 to Hannah Buller, 2nd 9 Jul 1724 to Azuba Townsend and 3rd Jul 1734 to Cecily Chamberlin.

3. Edward b.12 Feb 1704/5, d.17 Mar 1779, m. 17 Jun 1724 to Hannah Peirce.

4. Mary b.1 Apr 1708, d.13 Dec 1774, m. 8 Nov 1739 to Daniel Corbit

5. Ann b.19 Apr 1710 m. 29 Apr 1731 to Samuel Bettle

6. John b.4 Jul 1715, d. May 1748, m. 21 Apr 1736 to Hannah Vernon.


Second Generation


      2. Jonathan THATCHER (Richard) was born on 16 Feb 1667/1668. Jonathan  may have been born in Uffington, Berkshire, England. Jonathan married Hannah DICKS, daughter of Peter DICKS and Esther MADDOCK, in 1699 at Concord MM, Chester or Delaware County, Pennsylvania. I think at this time Delaware County was still part of Pennsylvania. There is also a Delaware County in Pennsylvania. They were members of the Concord MM in Delaware County, Pennsylvania  Hannah was born in 1682 in Chester County, England.


          Jonathan Thatcher arrived here (Chester County, Pennsylvania) the 29th of the 7th month (Sept.) 1682, on the "Elizabeth Anne & Catherine," from “Old England”, Thomas Hudson, Commander[8]. He was on the 1693 taxable list for Birmingham, Pennsylvania, as was his father.  He was on the 1753 list of taxibles for Birmingham in Chester County, Pennsylvania along with a John Thatcher[9]. In Thornbury township in 1715 there was a Jonathan Thatcher, in 1753 a Richard Thatcher, and in 1774 a Wm. Thatcher[10].


          Other possible children for Hannah and Jonathan were: Ann, Jane, Jonathan, Hannah, Ester, Richard, Martha, Elizabeth, and Deborah. A probate record for Jonathan may confirm them.

Jonathan and Hannah had the following children:

               4 F         i.  Mary Dicks/Dix THATCHER was born in 1709 in Birmingham, Chester County, Pennsylvania. She died about 1752 in Guilford County, North Carolina. Mary married George HODGSON on 21 Feb 1729 in Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware. George was born about 1704. He died before Aug 1774 in Guilford County, NC. Mary was a Quaker and she and George eloped without Chester Meeting approval, or the approval of their parents.  Although she was disowned, their certificates were later sent from Chester Meeting to New Garden Meeting in North Carolina. (SEE HODGSON FAMILY)

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[3] The marriage came from a pedigree chart of Gwen Bjorkman.

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