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Descendants of Henry WHITE


First Generation


1. Henry WHITE was born about 1600 probably in England. He died[1] between 14 Nov 1669 and 16 May 1670 in Pasquotank County, North Carolina. Henry married Rebecca ARNOLD about 1625. Rebecca was born about 1609. She died about 1654. Henry may have married 2nd Elener [-?-].


Henry was a land owner in James Citty County before 16 Jun 1642 when John Smith bought 670 acres of land near the Upper Chippokes, adjacent his land (p. 818). Another deed for William Gapinge dated 22 Aug 1643 (p. 887), says from Sunken Marsh near Upper Chippokes. W.N.E. towards Henry Neale and Henry White. Henry bought 200 acres in James City County 4 Jul 1649, (p. 176), Lying at blackwater.[2] On 9 Jun 1655 John Ivy sold 200 acres of land to Richard Tias and Henry White, (p. 69).[3]


Henry and Rebecca may also have had sons, John and William, who I believe are also from Isle of Wight County, VA.


They had the following children:

               2 M        i.  Henry WHITE was born about 1634 probably in England. He died[4] on 8 Mar 1712 in Pasquotank County, North Carolina. Henry married 1st Mary [-?-] about 1655. Mary was[5] born about 1635. She died[6] on 3 Mar 1679 in Perquimans County, North Carolina. She may have been the daughter of Robert West. Henry married 2nd Damaris PAGE about 10 Sep 1681 date of 2nd intention given at Perquimans Monthly Meeting (MM). She was the daughter of Isaac PAGE and Damaris SHATTUCK. Damaris was born[7] about 1659. She died[8] on 12 Nov 1722 in Pasquotank.



1. Mary b.15 Oct 1682 d.bef.1696

2. Damaris b.Feb 1684/5, d.1719/20, who married 8 6mo 1700, John Symons, son of Thomas Symons and Rebecca White. Damaris' half brother, John Morris, married John Symons sister Mary.

3. Content b.1687

4. Henry b.25, 4mo 1690, he married 23 3mo 1727, Ruth Keaton daughter of Henry Keaton, Pasq.

5. Arnold b.30 7mo 1693, he declared his intention (itm) to marry1st Rebecca Overman daughter of Jacob Overman. He married Rebecca Newby 2nd before 1742, 3rd Elizabety [-?-].

6. Mary, 2nd by name, b. --7mo1696, was the 2nd wife of William Everigin married about 1722.

7. Isaac b.24, 4mo 1700 d.2 7th mo 1715.

8. Naomy b.7th mo 1704 m. 12 5mo 1732, James Newby son of James Newby and Sarah Nicholson.[9]


Will of Henry White, dated 19 Sep 1706, no probate date, mentions sons: Henry, Arnold, Isack, Robert and John, daughters: Content, Mary and Naomy, wife name not given.[10]


                                 On 25 Sep 1663 Sir William Berkeley, Govenor of Virginia granted a patent of 700 acres in the province of North Carolina on a Corawtucks Creek of the Kecoughtank River (now called Little River). Before 1680 Henry White, Jr. and Henry White, Sr. patented 1,000 acres next to Thomas Stamp and John Harvey. Henry White, Jr. was a Quaker as he signed the Quaker's Petition to the Lord Proprietors in 1679 concerning the disorders of the Culpepper Rebellion.[11] On 16 Apr 1717 Robert White sold land to Robert Lowery, which belonged to the said Robert White as eldest son of Henry White deceased which was granted to his father in a King's patent bearing the date 25 7br (Sep) 1663. Henry also received a grant of 100 acres in North Carolina in 1696.


                                 In the records of the Society of Friends, Virginia Yearly Meeting talking about the harsh treatment of the Quakers causing some to move to Maryland while others, including Henry White, remained for a while. Henry was imprisoned for his staunch defense of his faith. He later moved to Pasquotank County, North Carolina.[12]


                                 Little River MM

                                 "Our Dear and Well-Beloved friend Henry White, Departed This Lyfe ye 3rd of ye 8 mo 1712, having been aged about 77; A True and faithful man to God's Everlasting Truth."

               3 M       ii.  Arnould WHITE was born about 1626 in Virginia. He died on 23 May 1690 in Pasquotank County, North Carolina. Arnold married Mary [-?-] who died in Mar 1678/9. They had a son Arnold, he mentions brothers Henry White and Thomas Symons.

               4 F       iii.  Rebecca WHITE was born about 1630 in Virginia. She died on 25 Feb 1717/1718 in Pasquotank County, North Carolina. Rebecca married Thomas Symons about 1677 in Pasquotank County.


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