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This is a 2-page index of various death notices from the Milwaukee papers with selected identifying pieces of information. If you don’t find someone listed in this index it doesn’t mean there wasn’t a death notice for that person. The earliest year is 1907 and the latest is 2002. In most cases the list of death notices is incomplete for any day’s paper. The death notices were collected over years of work as a genealogical researcher in the Milwaukee area. They are available on this site in the hope they might help others with their family research.

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The most common cemeteries: Lutheran Cemeteries: Good Hope, Graceland, Pilgrim’s Rest, Union, and Forest Home; Catholic Cemeteries: Blessed Sacrament, Calvary, Holy Cross, Holy Sepulcher, Holy Trinity, Mount Olivet, Sacred Heart, and St. Adalbert’s, to name a few. Calvary, Holy Cross, and St. Adalbert’s can be searched at www.cemeteries.org. Achim Agudas, Anshai Lebowitz, Beth Hamedrosh Hagodel, Hopkins Street, Greenwood, Second Home, and Spring Hill are Jewish Cemeteries and the Goodman-Bensman Funeral Home is a Jewish Funeral Home; Woodlawn, Pinelawn, Wisconsin Memorial Park, Arlington Memorial Park, and Wanderers Rest (now Lincoln Memorial) are public cemeteries. Not all Milwaukee’s cemeteries are named here.

Partial information is listed for each person and may include: surname, given name, maiden name, spouse’s name or sometimes parent’s names if it is a child, name of newspaper and date of newspaper the death notices appeared in, date of death, age at death, cemetery, funeral home, and church where funeral service was held. Unless otherwise specified the churches are Catholic, since the newspapers listed the type of church i.e. Lutheran, Methodist, only if it wasn’t Catholic. There is more information in the actual notice. It is a good idea to get a copy of the notice. Use this list only as an index.


The file may or may not include all of the following information. It appears in the following order: Surname; given name and residence; maiden name; name of spouse or parents of young person; name of newspaper, date of paper, and day it appeared; date of death and age of deceased; cemetery; funeral home; and other notes.

To get a copy of the death notice write: Reference Department, Milwaukee Central Library, 814 W. Wisconsin Ave.53233. Be sure to include a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE) and small donation for their help.