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William CLARE


First Generation



         1. William CLARE was born about 1630, possibly Scotland. William may have had a daughter names Jane as stated in The Batchelor-Williams Families and Related Lines, Pg. 129 then the family is probably from Scotland. Jane married William Bogue, whose family is probably from the Auchencraw area in Scotland.


William and his wife had the following children:

            1 M i.   Timothy CLARE was born about 1655 and died on 10 Nov 1724.


In The History of Perquimans County, Mrs. Winslow mentions a William Cleve being named in a will of Giles Cory as son-in-law. Giles and his wife were condemned as witches in Salem, Massachusetts. Giles was crushed to death and his wife hung. This is a far cry from Quakerism. She also mentions Thomas Hire/Hare’s will dated 25 Jul 1692, of Surry Co., Virginia, who names grandsons, Thomas and William Clare. There was also a Hare family in Perquimans. Could the name Hare and Clare become confused in hard to read records.



Second Generation



2. Timothy CLARE (William) was born about 1655 probably in England or Scotland. He died on 10 Nov 1724, in Perquimans County, North Carolina. Timothy married[1] on 7 Jun 1685 in Perquimans County Mary BUNDY, daughter of William BUNDY and Elizabeth ALLEN. Mary was born about 1662 in Rhode Island or Massachusetts. She died[2] on 30 Dec 1694 in Perquimans. (SEE BUNDY FAMILY). She is named as the daughter of William Bundy, who received land in her name in Perquimans County in 1663/4. Mary's marriage bond also names William Bundy as her father.


Although Timothy was the son of Will Clare, it does not appear that he was the grandson of Ambrose Clare of Virginia.  In Bristol and America - Servants to Foreign Plantations, Vol. II, 1663-1679, page 136: a Timothy Clare, destination, Nevis is listed. He probably sailed in the middle 1660s or 1670s from Bristol, England to Nevis which

is an island in the West Indies, just west of Antigua and later to America.


By 23 Nov 1674 Timothy Clare had been transported to Maryland[3]. Thomas Hassald of Cecil County proved his Right to one hundred and fifty acres of Land, for Transporting himself, Thomas Davis and Timothy Clare into this province. By 1681 Timothy Clare, as well as Thomas Hassold, and others, had removed to Carolina[4]. 400 acres was granted to Walter Greene, Berkeley Precinct, for transporting Walter Greene, Elizabeth his wife, Mary his daughter, Tho. Hassold, Timothy Clare and Francis an "english boy" assigned by Mr. (Alesander) Lillington, of the Sarah & Jon.


Timothy was a large landowner in Perquimans County, North Carolina, a burgess and Justice of the Peace.  The 1717 tax list for Perquimans County shows Timothy with 4 tithables and 2100 acres.


Here is a brief abstract of Timothy Clare's will found in the Archives in Raleigh, North Carolina. Wife Hannah, estate that was hers before he married her; daughter Hannah, daughter Mary Mayo, land whereon J. Perey lives, adjoining Jno. Winsloe; grandson Joseph Winsloe, land whereon his father and mother now live; son-in-law Thomas Winsloe, land adjoining Jno. Hudson; said Thos. Winsloe's two sons Timothy and Jesse Winslow; daughter Elizabeth Winslowe, land adjoining Jno. Winslow; daughter Jane and son-in-law Thomas Jessop, land bought of brother-in-law William Bundey; daughter Sarah White; daughter Hepzibah Perery, land formerly belonging to "ye Sampsones"; daughter Hannah, land bought of Jas. Perishoe and Thos. Harvey, also land at Sanders Dock adjoining John Hudson; daughter Jane and son-in-law Thomas Jessop, land adjoining Stephen Gibbons; grandson John Robinson, his father Joseph Robinson, land adjoining Thos. Winsloe; granddaughter John and Sarah Robinson; friend Mary Rattlife; grandson Thos. Winsloe, Jr.;  Exec: sons-in-law Thomas Jessop and Thomas Winsloe. Wit: Thomas Bagley, Smith Calla, J. Jessop. Will dated 10 Nov 1724, probated 17 Nov 1724. The inventory of the estate included five negroes.


Timothy and Mary had the following children:

       4 F          i.   Elisabeth CLARE was born[5] on 21 Feb 1685/1686 in Perquimans County, North Carolina. She died before Jun 1734 in Perquimans. Elisabeth and Mary were twins. Elisabeth married on 2 Nov 1704 in Perquimans[6]. Thomas WINSLOW, son of Timothy WINSLOW and Sarah,. Thomas was born[7] on 1 Aug 1682 in Pasquotank County, North Carolina. He died[8] on 26 Nov 1745 in Perquimans. (SEE WINSLOW BOOK)

        5 F        ii.   Mary CLARE was born[9] on 21 Feb 1685/1686 in Perquimans County, North Carolina. She died[10]on 27 Dec 1739 in Pasquotank County, North Carolina. Mary married 1st Edward Mayo son of Edward in Apr 1709 at the house of Timothy Clare in Perquimans, 2nd Joseph Newby, 1726 in Perquimans. The entry for Edward Mayo in Perquimans Monthly Meeting meetings: "1709, 2 (torn) Edward, Pasquotank Monthly Meeting; married Mary Clare, at the house of Timothy Clare. Note. Objection was made that “Edward was proposing m too soon after the d of his form w, but he prc of clearance from Pasquotank & it was allowed to pass"[11].

         6 F      iii.   Ann CLARE was born[12] on 10 Nov 1687 in Perquimans County, North Carolina. Ann probably died young She is not mentioned in her father's will or other records.

         7 M      iv.   Timothy CLARE was born[13] on 14 Sep 1689 in Perquimans County, North Carolina. Timothy probably died young, he is not mentioned in his fathers will.

         8 F       v.   Jane CLARE was born[14] on 22 Jan 1691/1692 in Perquimans County, North Carolina. Jane married 1st on 12 Apr 1711, Joseph Robinson of Nansemond County, Virginia The marriage certiificate gives Joseph's occupation as cordwainer[15]. Jane and Joseph had two children, John and Sarah Robinson who are mentioned in their grandfather, Timothy Clare's will. Jane married 2nd Thomas Jessop in 1722/3, his 2nd wife, son of Timothy and Mary (Jessop) Jessop.

         9 F      vi.   Sarah CLARE was born[16] on 24 Dec 1693 in Perquimans County, North Carolina. Sarah married[17] 1st John White 7 Oct 1717, son of John White and his 1st wife Rachel of the Isle of Wight County, Virginia , 2nd Jacob Elliott son of Thomas Elliott in 1734, Perquimans.


Timothy married 2nd Elizabeth [-?-] about 1695 in Perquimans County, North Carolina Elizabeth was born about 1670. She died about 1702 in Perquimans. Elizabeth was the widow of ? Perry[18].


Timothy and Elizabeth Clare had the following children:

          10 F   vii.   Hepsabeth CLARE was born[19] on 14 Apr 1702 in Perquimans County, North Carolina. Hepsabeth married Jacob Perry by 1724, as his 1st wife


      Timothy  married[20] 3rd Hannah LAWRENCE on 1 May 1702/1703 in Perquimans. Hannah was born[21] on 1 Dec 1669 in Berkeley Precint, North Carolina She died in 1726 in Perquimans. Hannah was the widow of Israel Snelling, who died 31 Oct 1700, and the daughter of William Lawrence and Rachel Welsh, who were married in 1654.  Hannah and Israel had two daughters, Rachel b.1690 who married Peter Jones and Hester or Ester b.1699 who married John Winslow in 1716. Hannah died between 26 Aug 1726 date her will was written and 16 Jan 1727/8, the date her will was proved in Perquimans Precinct, NC[22]. Hannah and Timothy Clare’s marriage was witnessed by Timothy Winsow and officiated over by Edward Mayo Esqr., Berkley County (Perquimans County).


Timothy and Hannah had the following children:

         11 F   viii.   Hannah CLARE was born[23] on 12 Jul 1708 in Perquimans County, North Carolina. Hannah married 1st Benjamin Bundy in 1725 son of Caleb and Jane (Maners) Bundy, 2nd Moses Elliott about 1730, son of Thomas Elliott


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