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Descendants of John MORRIS or MORRISON

First Generation


      1. John MORRIS OR MORRISON was born about 1650. He died in 1680 in Pasquotank County, North Carolina. John married Damaris PAGE daughter of Isaac PAGE and Damaris SHATTUCK about 1675. Damaris was born[1] about 1659. She died[2] on 12 Nov 1722 in Pasquotank County, North Carolina. Damaris married 2nd about 10 Sep 1681 (intention given at MM), in Pasquotank County, North Carolina, Henry White son of Henry White (b.1642-d.3 Oct 1712) and they had:

a.      Mary White  b.15 Oct 1682, who died before 1696

b.     Damaris White   b.Feb 1684/5-d.1719/20, who married 8 6mo (Aug) 1700, John Symons, son of Thomas Symons and Rebecca White (Damaris' half brother, John Morris, married John Symons sister Mary)

c.      Content White  b.1687

d.     Henry White  b.25 4mo (Jun) 1690, married 23 3mo (May) 1727, Ruth Keaton daughter of Henry Keaton, Pasquotank.

e.      Arnold White  b.30 7mo (Sep) 1693, married (itm) 1st Rebecca Overman daughter of Jacob Overman and Rebecca Newby, 2nd before 1742 Elizabety [-?-].

f.       Mary White  (2nd by name) b. --7mo (Sep) 1696, was the 2nd wife of William Everigin. They married in 1722

g.      Isaac White  b.24 4mo (Jun) 1700-d.2 7mo (Sep) 1715

h.      Naomy White  b.7mo (Sep) 1704 married 12 5mo (Jul) 1732, James Newby son of James Newby and Sarah Nicholson[3].

i.       Robert White

j.       John White


         Will of Henry White, dated 19 Sep 1706, no probate, mentions sons: Henry, Arnold, Isack, Robert and John, daughters: Content, Mary and Naomy, wife’s name not given[4].


John and Damaris had the following children:

               2 F         i.  Elisabeth MORRISON was born about 1679. Elisabeth married[5] Samuel CHARLES son of William CHARLES and Abigail BAILEY on 6 Dec 1696 at the house of Henry White, Paquemoniah, Little River, Pasquotank County, North Carolina. Elisabeth daughter of John was called Elisabeth

                                 Morrison. Samuel was born[6] on 23 Mar 1674 in Perquimans County, North Carolina. He died[7] on 3 Dec 1727/8 in Perquimans County, North Carolina.


                                  Samuel married 2nd Hannah Nicholson daughter of Christopher Nicholson and widow of Ezekial Maudlin.


                                 Samuel Charles' will[8], Perquimans County probated Mar 1728, names son Samuel, to whom he left a Plan (plantation) "on which I live" son John "land on Gum Swamp" son Josuay same, daughter's Sarah Maudlin, Lidey, Sarah, wife's daughter, Mary and Hannaugh Charles. Granddaughter Elisabeth Overman. This is a combination of two abstracts, one in Hathaway's Register Vol. 1, No. 2; 186. The original will really needs to be checked because the differences in the abstracts.


                                 Samuel Charles was a justice at court on 8 Apr 1701. A Samuel Charles appears on the 1720 colonial census in Perquimans County, North Carolina.  There were many men by the name of Samuel Charles in Perquimans County at that time, so it is easy to confuse them[9].

               3 M      ii.  John MORRIS was born[10] on 31 May 1680 in Pasquotank County, North Carolina. He died[11] on 20 Sep 1739 in Pasquotank County. John married 20 9mo (Nov) 1703, Pasquotank, Mary Symons (b.4 12mo (Feb) 1687/8, Pasquotank.-d.14 8mo (Oct) 1745, Pasquotank). She was the daughter of Thomas and Rebecah White Symons.


a. Aron b.14 7mo (Sep) 1704

b. Elizabeth b.6 9mo (Nov) 1707 (Elizabeth crossed out and Bette written in margin.)

c. Sarah b.6 9mo (Nov) 1712

e. Joseph b.4 12mo (Feb) 1709/10

f. John b.21 12mo (Feb) 1716/17

g. Mary b.24 11mo (Jan) 1719/20

h. Zachariah b.23 9mo (Nov) 1722

i. Hannah b.23 12mo (Feb) 1726/7




The will of John Morris mentions Sons: Joseph, John, Zachariah, Isac, and Aaron, daughters Hannah and Sarah Morris, wife Mary[13] .

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